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ZAKI Publishing, Inc. Music Catalog 2016-2017

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The following Big Band compositions can be purchased in printed form.
The Instrumentation are for 5 Saxophones (2 altos, 2 tenors and baritone), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and rhythm section (Bass, drums, piano and opt. Guitar). Some songs have optional Lyrics.

NOTE: We are in the process of modifying the online payment process. Please contact to confirm your order once purchased.

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3 in 1 Blues (Boiling Point) 3 in 1 Blues Double ClutchDouble Clutch Bridging the GapBridging the Gap

Listen to sound clips of Mustafa’s original compositions.

The Sun: $50.00

 Upsy Daisy: $50.00

Easy As It Goes (A Night At El Morocco): $50.00

So Be It: $40.00

3 in 1 Blues: $50.00

Swinging My Lady: $50.00

Blind Love Blues: $50.00

I Can Sing: $50.00

St. Louis Blues Overture: $50.00

Conquest: $40.00

From East To West: $50.00

The Chant: $50.00

Double Clutch: $50.00

Some Kind Of Blues: $50.00

Bridging The Gap: $50.00

The Gift Of Knowledge: $50.00

Where There’s Smoke: $50.00

Little Old Groove Maker: $50.00



Click the Album images below to hear sound clips or to purchase.

Melton Mustafa: The Softer Side "Scenes from Miami Vol. 1"


This CD features Duffy Jackson on drums, Dennis Marks on bass and Jim Gasior on piano.


Melton Mustafa: The Traveling Man

MELTON MUSTAFA: “The Traveling Man”

This CD is introducing Patrick Bartley on alto sax, featuring Victor Lewis on drums, Essiet Essiet on bass, Mulgrew Miller on piano and Melton Mustafa, leader, on trumpet.

Melton Mustafa: Melton Mustafa Orchestra "St. Louis Blues"


Features special guest Ira Sullivan on trumpet, Jesse Jones Jr. on alto sax, and Pete Minger on trumpet.

Melton Mustafa Orchestra: Boiling Point


THE MELTON MUSTAFA ORCHESTRA with Special Guest, Dr. Lonnie Smith on B3 organ and Jesse Jones Jr. on alto sax.

You can also hear Melton Mustafa on the following Albums:

  • Victor Lasko with the Count Basie Orchestra
  • Dianne Shuur and the Count Basie Orchestra
  • Count Basie Orchestra: Legend: The Legacy
  • Count Basie Orchestra: Live at El Morocco
  • Count Basie Orchestra with Catalina Valencia
  • Count Basie Orchestra with Joe Williams
  • Count Basie Orchestra “Timeless”
  • Count Basie Orchestra “Basie’s Bag”
  • Count Basie Orchestra: Long Live The Chief
  • Bobby Watson Horizon, “GUMBO” 1985 Evidence Records
  • Bobby Watson Horizon Quintet: The Inventor
  • Bobby Watson: Live at the Lugano Jazz Festival
  • Bobby Watson: Tailor Made Band
  • Jaco Pastorious: Birthday Party
  • Jaco Pastorious: Holiday for Pans
  • Atlantean Driftwood Band: Melts in Your Mouth
  • Atlantean Driftwood Band: Jazz on The Green
  • Jesse Jones Jr, “The So Then Collection”
  • Author Baron: Afro Blue Band
  • Jesse Jones Jr.: Soul Serenade
  • Eric Allison: Mean Street Beat

Shalom-Salaam-Serene, The Musical

The following selections listed below are from the musical play “Shalom Salaam Serene” composed by Melton S. Mustafa for jazz orchestra with strings. The complete story book with script, score and parts are for rental only. Inquiries for rental can be obtained from:

  • Shalom Salaam Serene
  • Curiosity (children’s song)
  • The Gift of Knowledge
  • Make Believe
  • From East to West
  • Dance of Lahab
  • Man From Somewhere
  • Some Kind of Blues
  • What Have We Learned
  • Zakiyyah
  • I Believe In You
  • I Can Sing
  • Holiday Everyday

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