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Wow!!…WOW!!… Melton Mustafa is the most incredible human being that I know that has chosen mastering the trumpet as his tool to communicate, educate,encourage and touch the lives of people on this earth. His knowledge, wisdom, and abilities are as vast as the oceans are deep and his ego is protected by his sincere humbleness.

My favorite story to tell is how hearing and watching Melton Mustafa along with his brother Jesse Jones on TV playing a Jazz concert ,was a life changing moment for me. My decision to make South Florida My Home. There is a ring of truth and a sense of mission in everything Melton Mustafa does. He patience, giving of his time, He does not judge, He inspires people with his actions and endless depth of talent.

I have worked with Melton and i have worked for Melton, I’ve had the honor of recording with Melton Mustafa . I find hard to believe how fortunate we are to have such greatness in our community because he chose to share his life with his family and young people who wish to learn. He is a source of real life experience.

All of these wonderful attributes become a deep well and source for his trumpet playing. You hear a truthful well balanced, complete unselfish life that waste no words or notes. He says exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it. There are originators and there are imitators. Melton Mustfa is truly an original truthful player. You can’t separate his playing from his life because when he plays you’re hearing all the places he has been in his spritual life….. and it sounds good to me!!

George Tandy
Recording Artist ,Producer , Keybordist
Member of N.A.R.A.S National Association OF Art And Sciences Grammy Voting Member
Member and FEMA / MENC
Director of Choral and Piano Music at Northern Broward Preparatory Schools
PRES./CEO of Ichinen Music Publishing and Ichinen Production, Inc.